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A virtual collection of music and memorabilia from the recklessly beautiful Minneapolis band.

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Yesterday's Trash started as a string of live events that benefited Mutt Mutt Engine, a non-profit dog rescue in Minnesota. The live events were a way to meet other fans, raise money, and crank songs from this band of dysfunctional misfits.Booking additional shows has been challenging, but we haven't quit! People like you and me fund Mutt Mutt Engine's incredible and generous work, and there's more we can do together.Please use the contact methods below to get in touch, and let's find ways to continue this initiative. Everything is on the table, whether it's more live events or a permanent installation.All items displayed in Yesterday's Trash are curated and owned by Nick Madonna.πŸŽΈπŸ•β€οΈBackground photo by Daniel Corrigan